Homemade Christmas Gifts

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With so many parties and gatherings during the holidays, it’s nice to bring a homemade hostess gift or a little something to share with everyone or something unique to take to the neighborhood cookie swap. These are some of my favorite homemade gifts for the holidays, and I hope you’ll share your favorite homemade Christmas gifts, too. Two of these are very easy, and the other two only require a little practice to become a pro. Trust me, they are worth it.

Mom's Peanut Brittle - Andrea Meyers

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My mother has been making this peanut brittle for as long as I can remember. It’s crackly, buttery, nutty, and the first thing my dad asks for every Christmas. Look for raw Spanish peanuts to make peanut brittle, or substitute raw cashews for a little something different.

Bourbon Praline Pecans - Andrea Meyers

Pralines are one of my very favorite candies, and once you get the technique down, they are easy to make at home. I make mine with cream and a touch of bourbon. You can make small ones like above or the larger size like you see in the shops in New Orleans, either way they make delicious gifts.

Maple Cranberry Butter - Andrea Meyers

I like to give maple cranberry butter in addition to the traditional pepper jelly, which also makes nice gifts. It’s very easy to make, which is great if you are pressed for time, and the flavor is memorable.

Easy Dulce de Leche (Caramel) - Andrea Meyers

And for a different kind of sweet treat, how about jars of homemade dulce de leche? Just open a can of sweetened condensed milk and pour it into a pie dish and bake in the oven, then give it in decorative jars. The caramel lovers will be thrilled.

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    What a great idea to give homemade dulce de leche! It’s sooo much better when you make it yourself and it’s so easy it’s almost a crime. I would be thrilled to get any one of these gifts.

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