Grow Your Own Round-up #9

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Grow Your Own logo, urban gardenThanks to everyone who participated! This month our entries come from Brazil, Philippines, Netherlands, Greece, and the United States, and as always I have fun visiting the sites and reading the stories.

The news for this month is I changed the arrangement of the round-up a little bit, as you’ll see below. Trying to make it work the other way was a nightmare each month, and I was coding the round-up by hand in Textpad and copying it over and praying everything would align properly when I clicked publish. So I think we’ll stick with this…much easier and the images are larger. So going forward please send your photos in 200×200 pixel size (no more than 200 pixels in either direction). I’ve modified the instructions on the Grow Your Own page as well.

Grow Your Own #10 is off and running. If you are new to the event, visit the Grow Your Own page to learn more about it. Deadline for entries is the 28th of every month and I post the round-up a few days later, around the 1st of each month.

And now for the round-up! Click the images to visit the posts.

Finny Knits, Artichoke Soup

Jessica of Finny Knits (California, United States) fell in love with Farmgirl Susan’s beautiful artichoke soup and made her own version of it with homemade croutons using the parsley that is growing like crazy in her yard.

Kookjegek, Endive & chicken quiche

In the Netherlands, Dennis of Kookjegek made a puff pastry quiche with endive and chicken and flavored it with his homegrown chives.

A Scientist in the Kitchen, Cilantro Rice

Gay of A Scientist in the Kitchen (Philippines) made some simple comfort food out of rice that was shared with them during the rice harvest, a practice known as patilaok.

Austin Agrodolce, Loquats

In Texas, Deb of Austin Agrodolce took advantage of a bumper crop of loquats and made jam out of her harvest. She also used some of the fresh loquats and combined them with strawberries to make a pork loin sauce.

Kopiaste, Dolmadakia Gialantzi

Using fresh grape leaves from the family vines in Sparta, Greece, Ivy of Kopiaste made some beautiful and healthy baked dolmades with arborio rice, fresh herbs, tomatoes, and potatoes.

From Our Home to Yours, Salsa

In Brazil, Cris of From Our Home to Yours used some lovely zucchini (courgettes) that she got at her in-laws organic farm to make a tasty salsa.

Live Love Laugh Eat, Fish Tacos

Kim of Live Love Laugh Eat (Virginia, United States) made fish tacos and garnished them with some of the fresh lettuce from her garden.

WhiteOnRice, Beet Ice Cream

In California, Todd and Diane of White on Rice Couple used Thomas Keller’s recipe from The French Laundry Cookbook and made a gorgeous red beet ice cream using the tiny beets they’ve been growing in their garden.

Steamy Kitchen, Grapes, Grappa, and Bacon WarmSalad

Jaden of Steamy Kitchen (Florida, United States) fell in love with her new Cooking Light cookbook and was inspired by a recipe that called for quail, but instead she turned it into the grapes and grappa recipe into a warm salad using fresh greens from her garden.

Heart and Hearth, Avocado Trifle

In Manila, Philippines, Ning of Heart and Hearth made a sweet avocado trifle using the purple avocados from the tree in her mother’s yard, a tree her mother saved from being chopped.

Chez Us, Crispy Thai Chicken

Denise of Chez Us (California, United States) was feeling under the weather and this spicy crispy Thai chicken perked her right up! She served it with red leaf lettuce from her garden.

Hunger Angler Gardener Cook, Wild Turkey Broth

Hank of Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (California, United States) hunted a wild turkey and used all the parts. The carcass went into a pot along with fresh vegetables from his garden and he made a rich wild turkey broth.

Columbus Foodie, Taco Skillet

Using the salsa she put up last summer with some of the tomatoes from her yard, Becke of Columbus Foodie (Ohio, United States) made a tasty taco skillet with pasta, beans, and beef.

Farmgirl Fare, Stuffed Mushrooms

Susan of Farmgirl Fare (Missouri, United States) made her first ever stuffed mushrooms with her mother using some ground lamb from their flock.

Andrea's Recipes - Italian Herb Twist Bread (pane alle erbi)

And for my contribution this month, I made an Italian herb bread (pane alle erbi) shaped into a twist and flavored with fresh basil and thyme from our indoor garden.

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  1. says

    Nice round-up this month! I especially like the variety given the wild differences in weather across the globe. Good also to see more home-grown meats entering the mix.

  2. says

    Oh my – it all looks so good!

    I would like to know about these Ohio gardens that already have tomatoes. That might be reason enough to move – Tomatoes in April!

  3. says

    Love these posts – so inspiring. We just had our first mesclun salad from our garden and have high hopes that something more interesting will emerge — maybe we will even post! By we I mean my 5yo and I; it’s our joint project. Thanks again for the lovely collection.


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