Grow Your Own Round-up #23

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Grow Your Own logo, green leafSome of us have multiple feet of snow in our yards, some of us have cool or cold temperatures, and some of us have beautiful early summer weather. No matter the weather, many of us are still growing our own herbs and vegetables or gathering, hunting, and foraging.

Thanks to everyone who participated this round, the last of 2008, and during a very busy month for many people. We had six participants from two countries, and we cooked with our homegrown fennel, green onions, olive oil, soybeans, lemons, parsley, thyme, oregano, and sage.

If you are new to Grow Your Own, visit the Grow Your Own page to learn more about the event. I am the host for January, and the deadline for entries is January 30th. I will post the round-up a few days later. (This is a change from the regular biweekly schedule.) Please send your entries to andreasrecipesgyo AT gmail DOT com. I’m booking hosts for 2009, and anyone who has participated in GYO at least once is eligible to host, so let me know if you are interested. We do have a Flickr photo group, as well, so let me know if you wish to join.

And now for the round-up! Click the images to visit the posts. Happy New Year!

Kopiaste - Melomakarona with Pecans

Melomakarona with Pecans, from Ivy of Kopiaste (Greece)

A delicious Christmas cookie made with homegrown olive oil from her in-laws.

The Crispy Cook - Soybean Feta Dip

Edamame Feta Dip with Roasted Red Peppers, from Rachel of The Crispy Cook (New York, United States)

Rachel grew her own soybeans this summer, then blanched and froze the excess. The frozen edamame made a delicious dip.

White on Rice Couple - Braised Fennel with Crispy Prosciutto

Braised Fennel with Prosciutto, from Todd & Diane of White on Rice Couple (California, United States)

Todd & Diane are harvesting their fennel in the slightly cool temperatures of Southern California.

Live Love Laugh Eat - Japanese Salad

Japanese Salad, from Kim of Live Love Laugh Eat (Virginia, United States)

Kim added her homegrown green onions to this easy and delicious take on Japanese soba salad.

Chez Annie's - Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd, from Nate and Annie of Chez Annie’s (California, United States)

Nate and Annie were the fortunate recipients of some beautiful Meyer lemons from a friend’s tree, which they turned into this delicious curd for scones.

Andrea's Recipes - Slow Cooker Turkey Breast and Gravy

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast and Gravy, from Andrea of Andrea’s Recipes (Virginia, United States)

A whole turkey breast, stuffed with fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, oregano, and sage) straight from the garden.

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      Thanks for joining us again Rachel.
      Kalyn, I covet a Meyer lemon tree. May have to try it indoors this year.
      Nate, no problem. Thanks for joining in.

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