Grow Your Own Round-up #19

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Grow Your Own logo, green leafThanks to everyone who joined in this month. We had ten participants from three countries, and we cooked with our homegrown squash, tomatoes, thyme, oregano, mint, apples, kaffir lime leaves, and arugula. Here in the northern hemisphere we’re cleaning up our summer gardens and gathering the last of the harvest, and the folks in the southern hemisphere are preparing for spring planting. Lots of gardening going on!

If you are new to Grow Your Own, visit the Grow Your Own page to learn more about the event. Ning of Heart and Hearth is our host for this next round and entries are due on November 15. If you are preparing for spring planting or are setting up a winter indoor or outdoor garden, feel free to join us!

If you would like an opportunity to host Grow Your Own, please visit the GYO hosting page for more information.

And now for the round-up! Click the images to visit the posts.

My Yummy Life - Garlicky Roasted Squash

Garlicky Roasted Squash from Arika of My Yummy Life (Mississippi, United States) (Update: This blog is no longer available.)

Adding a little garlic to her homegrown squash made this tasty dish even more tasty.

Tomato Sauce from PG of My Kitchen Stories (Hamburg, Germany)

She spontaneously planted a few seedlings, grew her own tomatoes, and made her first ever tomato sauce with them.

Chicken and Dumplings from Denise of Chez Us (California, United States)

Her chicken and dumplings with homegrown thyme set off a craving for dumplings, which I haven’t made in years.

Fresh Tomato and Oregano Sauce with Seafood Linguine from Beachlover’s Kitchen (New York, United States)

With fresh tomatoes from her neighbor’s garden and fresh oregano from her own, Beachlover made a lovely fresh sauce with seafood.

Mint Tea from Ning of Heart and Hearth (Manila, Philippines)

Mint tea is one of my favorite things to make, and it’s so easy with fresh mint from the garden.

Dried Apples from Rachel of The Crispy Cook (New York, United States)

There are lots of ways to preserve the harvest, and drying fruit is an excellent and tasty option. Rachel tossed her apples with pineapple juice before drying.

Tomato Sauce from Jennifer of Northside Food (Georgia, United States)

Fresh tomatoes, parsley, and basil from her garden made a beautiful homegrown sauce.

Squash Risotto from Becke of Columbus Foodie (Ohio, United States)

Butternut squash with risotto is a match made in heaven.

Wild Salmon Cakes with Kaffir Lime from Nate and Annie of House of Annie

I grew up eating my mother’s salmon cakes, but living in the Midwest we only had the canned salmon. Fresh wild salmon with Nate and Annie’s kaffir lime leaves sounds fantastic.

White on Rice Couple - How to Grill Eggplant

Grilled Rosa Bianca Eggplant from Todd and Diane of White on Rice Couple

Grilling eggplant is my favorite way to enjoy it, and Todd and Diane had some beautiful rosa bianca eggplant in their garden this year.

Spinach Arugula Pesto from Andrea of Andrea’s Recipes (Virginia, United States)

This year I learned how easy it is to grow our own arugula, that spinach can tame that peppery flavor, and that spinach arugula pesto goes really well with burgers and Swiss cheese.

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    This post makes me want to start a garden immediately! I don’t have much of a green thumb but I know how much better something tastes when you make it yourself rather than buying a packaged version so I can imagine herbs, fruits and vegetables taste that much better when you grow your own, too!

  2. says

    Andrea, these all look so lovely and the round up style is fab. I can’t really think of anything I’ve grown myself here as my mom has moved to the coast (we grew up in the valley) and her garden is all mountainous and indigenous now. She does have a lemon tree so maybe I can do something with that for next GYO.

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