Grow Your Own #41 Roundup

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Grow Your Own logo, green leafAfter a winter hiatus from hosting Grow Your Own, I am back to work on it. Our family had quite a school year and it looks like things may finally settle down to a more sustainable pace, though I’m not sure it will ever be as relaxed as it was before the boys started school. While managing all the various therapies for their needs this year, I’ve met myself coming and going, a small taste of the busy future teen years, though thankfully that is still a little while away. My friends Nate and Annie (House of Annie) were so helpful and did a beautiful job keeping things going for Grow Your Own, and I can’t thank them enough for all their help.

Though May seems early for garden season in the United States, there are a number of cool weather vegetables, herbs, and flowers (yes, flowers) to work with and you’ll see some of those highlighted here. Thanks to my friends who participated in May, and we hope you feel inspired to join us in the coming months.

If you are new to Grow Your Own, please visit the Grow Your Own page to learn more about the event. Even if this is your first year to garden, forage, hunt (that includes fishing), or raise your own animals, all are welcome! I am hosting the June event and the deadline for posts is June 30th. Please send your post information to me at andreasrecipesgyo AT gmail DOT com. Anyone who participates is also eligible to host the event, so send me an email if you are interested and we’ll sign you up!

And now for the round-up. Click the images to visit the posts. (Presented in the order received.)

Kitchen Gadget Girl - Grow Your Own Grilled Artichokes

Grilled Artichokes from Gudrun of Kitchen Gadget Girl (California, United States)

Gudrun’s artichoke plants look wonderful and inspire me to figure out how to grow some in pots in Virginia.

House of Annie - Fried Pork with Evaporated Milk

Fried Pork with Evaporated Milk from Nate and Annie of House of Annie (Kuching, Malaysia)

Nate and Annie gathered their curry leaves from a friend’s tree for this gorgeous dish. I recently spotted a curry plant at a local nursery and will have to investigate adding this aromatic plant to our garden so I can make this, too.

Voted With Our Forks - Syrup Fit for a Princess

Rose Syrup from Leonie of Voted with Our Forks (Canberra, Australia)

Leonie turned her roses into a beautiful syrup that she used later to make fizzy drinks. What a delicious idea for homegrown roses!

Andrea Meyers - Strawberry Lavender Lemonade

Strawberry Lavender Lemonade from Andrea Meyers (Virginia, United States)

Our homegrown lavender made its way into a summery lemonade, in spite of the squirrels eating our strawberries.

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    Thanks Andrea! I’m not sure how well a curry tree will do in Virginia. And be warned that they grow very slowly so you won’t get a useful harvest for quite a while. I suggest checking out an Indian grocery store near you to see if they sell sprigs of curry leaves.

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    We started gardening a few years ago, and it has been amazing. It is in small scale but still it is nice to grown your own.

    I just found your blog! It is great, love to color of Rose Syrup and Strawberry lemonade!

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