Foodily, the New Social Recipe Search Engine

Print Friendly blogger logoFood is inherently social, whether we are planning a weekly meal menu, a small dinner for friends, a Super Bowl party, a romantic dinner for two, or a large holiday feast, and searching for recipes just got more social.

Foodily, which stands for Food I Love You, is a new visual recipe search engine that connects to Facebook and lets you share recipes you like and menus you create, though you can also choose not to share and keep your menus and liked recipes private if you wish. When you search for a recipe, the site brings up a screen with photos and the ingredients list for the recipes. You can click on ingredients and choose to omit that ingredient from the search or show only recipes that have that particular ingredients. Each recipe expands and shows a portion of the instructions, but you still have to go to the source website to get the full recipe.

Accounts on Foodily are linked to your Facebook account, and you can login via the link on the top right corner of the homepage. Once logged in, you can save recipes and menus. For example, when I search on recipes for potatoes, there are over 28,000 results, way too many to sift through myself. So I drill down through the list, selecting ingredients I wanted to exclude by clicking on the little magnifying glass next to the ingredient and choosing to not show recipes with that ingredient. When I spot a recipe that looks good, I click the Save button and add it to a menu. I can also click Like and share it on Facebook.

Foodily search results screenshot

The menus feature can be used as a menu or even as a visual list of recipes. For example, I saved a list of muffins I like in a menu called Muffins.

Foodily menus screenshot

Once you’ve created a menu you can decide if you want to make the menu private and check the Private box on right.

I think the site is very handy because like a regular search engine it aggregates information from a variety of sources, but the way the ingredients are listed with the recipe title and photo make it easy to scan through the results to find things that I like and match what’s in my pantry.

[Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for Foodily and receive compensation for my work with them. All opinions expressed are my own.]



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    I love the concept but don’t care for the FB tie-in… Don’t like mega businesses no matter how great and FB is just intrusive…Wouldn’t trust their privacy settings past reading their protection policy… And, yet, I’m on FB. Go figure.

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