Eggplant and Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza

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Our family has been making pizza since Michael worked at a pizza joint back in his teen years. We each have our favorite style and toppings, but no matter what kind we make, we all enjoy working the dough and assembling the pies. I went vegetarian for this pizza on our favorite whole wheat pizza dough, and topped it with homemade basil pesto, roasted eggplant slices, sun-dried tomatoes, and just a light sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano. It’s a nice, light pizza for summer, and good meal to make with the family. It’s also a great appetizer, just make mini pizzas with one slice of eggplant per pizza.

The Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is a great choice for pizza toppings for people with lactose intolerance because it naturally contains a very small amount of lactose. In general, aged cheeses contain minimal lactose because it is removed in the whey during cheese making, and any remaining lactose is converted to lactic and other acids during the aging process. So you can manage the lactose intolerance, eat healthy, and still have your pizza! That’s a win-win-win in my book.

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Recipe Notes

Select an Italian eggplant with smooth bright skin and no blemishes. Sun-dried tomatoes in oil add rich flavor, and you can put them on the pizza whole or in slivers. You can also drizzle a little of the flavorful packing oil over the pizza for even more richness.

Eggplant and Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 4 to 6 servings
  • whole wheat pizza dough
  • olive oil
  • 1 small to medium Italian eggplant, sliced about 1/3 inch thick
  • 1/3 cup prepared basil pesto
  • 6 sun-dried tomatoes in oil, whole or slivered
  • 1/3 cup shredded Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano cheese
  1. Preheat the oven broiler. Brush olive oil on the baking sheet and arrange the eggplant slices on it. Brush more oil on each slice. Place the baking sheet about 4 to 6 inches from the broiler and cook until lightly golden, turning once, about 5 to 8 minutes. Turn off the broiler and preheat the oven to 425° F/220° C.
  2. Pat the pizza dough out until it’s about 1/4-inch thick, and transfer to a pizza pan. Spread pesto all over the pizza, then arrange the eggplant slices evenly on the pesto. Dollop a little more pesto around the pizza, and then add the sun-dried tomatoes. Sprinkle on the Parmigiano cheese.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven until the crust turns golden brown and the tomatoes and eggplant crisp a little around the edges, about 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool about 2 to 3 minutes, then serve.
More Information

baking sheet
pizza pan or stone

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