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Drop In & Decorate (cookies for donation)

In December 2008 our family hosted our first Drop In & Decorate event in our home. We opened our house up to friends and neighbors, anyone who wanted to drop by and make one cookie or several cookies to donate to families in need during the holiday season. Our local moms group helped 17 families with food, clothing, and toys, and the cookie decorators made a dozen cookies for each family. We had a wonderful time and hopefully made life a little more special for others with the gift of homemade cookies, and we plan to do it again this year.

Andrea Meyers - Moravian Christmas Trees

Drop In & Decorate is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization founded by my friend food writer Lydia Walshin of The Perfect Pantry. The idea behind Drop In & Decorate is simple: bake some cookies; gather a group of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your worship group or book group to decorate the cookies together; donate the cookies to a nonprofit agency serving basic human needs in your own community.

It’s a simple idea in a complicated world, and something anyone can do. If you’d like to host your own Drop In & Decorate® event, Pillsbury and Wilton would like to help.

Pillsbury has donated 50 VIP coupons, worth $3.00 each, off any Pillsbury product—including sugar cookie mix and icing—to be distributed, first come, first served, while supply lasts, to anyone who plans to host a Drop In & Decorate event (maximum 5 coupons per person). And we’ll include a Comfort Grip cookie cutter, donated by Wilton, to people who plan to host cookies-for-donation events.

Write to lydia AT ninecooks DOT com for more information on how to get your free coupons and cookie cutters. You can find a free guide with everything you need to know to host your own cookie decorating party at http://www.dropinanddecorate.org/.

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  1. says

    Andrea, thanks so much for helping to spread the word about Drop In & Decorate, and for hosting your own events, too! Wouldn’t it be fun if one of your readers decorates and donates the 10,000th cookie?!

  2. Ted Chaloner says

    Hi Andrea:
    I have paticipated in many Drop In & Decorate events. They are great fun and a perfect outlet for creativity.
    Thanks for you support. Bloggers are another exapmle of the power of community.

  3. Lucia says

    I just had a Drop In party for my birthday – we did over 250 cookies for a local food pantry.

    This will be my 4th year doing a Drop In at work. Staff and clients in a brain injury rehab. program love it. Last year we had extra cookies after our planned donation, so I took them to Curves and sold them, then donated the money to a local food pantry.

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