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Donuts from Donuts & More in Speculator, NY

Part of our annual trek to the Adirondacks includes a pilgrimage to Donuts & More in Speculator, New York. It’s a tradition for us to have these delicious donuts at least once during the trip, but some years we indulge a few times. The shop has been there for many years and is now owned by Gwen and Mark Crary, who bought it in Fall 2007 and officially reopened in May. The previous owners, Marie and James, ran the shop for a number of years. Sadly, Marie passed away in March, but Gwen and Mark are doing a fine job keeping the tradition going.

I don’t know their secret, but this little place makes the best donuts I’ve ever tasted anywhere. They have a delicious fluffy crumb and aren’t the least bit greasy. The shop sells eight varieties; mostly cake, but they also have a few yeast donuts with cream or jelly filling. My favorite is the cinnamon and sugar cake donuts (in the photo above), though I will happily eat any of the varieties they sell! Mark arrives at 4 am to start the donuts and then continues to make them fresh throughout the morning based on demand, and it’s quite a treat to walk into the shop and see the fresh donuts lined up in the case.

The lines can be quite long in the mornings, especially on the weekends, so plan ahead and get there early. One dozen donuts costs $7.00, and they are absolutely worth it.


Donuts & More

Location: Speculator, New York at the intersection of Routes 30 and 8; The Lane Emporium in the Charlie John’s Store parking lot

Open: Memorial Day to mid-October

Hours: 7 am to 12 pm, Thursday through Monday (Summer), 7 am to 12 pm, Saturday and Sunday (after Labor Day)

More information: Speculator Chamber of Commerce, Town of Lake Pleasant, Wikipedia – Speculator, NY

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  1. says

    I love finding out about all the little hidden gems that populate people’s family traditions. Donuts sounds like a delightful treat. When i first saw the post title, I had my fingers crossed that there was a recipe in there as well!

  2. Bonnie Erickson says

    Dear Andrea,
    I just happened to find your website tonight while looking for a zucchini (with chocolate?) cookie recipe. I didn’t find that yet, but I sure have enjoyed looking at recipes and all the other useful info available. I have already added your site to my ‘favorites’ link!

    My ears perk up when donuts are discussed because #1, I love them and #2, I cannot imagine any donut shop better than my ALL TIME FAVORITE – BLOEDOW BAKERY in WINONA, MN! This bakery has been in business for about 80 yrs. and the successful formulas have apparently been passed on to new owners. The national donut company (KK) did not last long in this charming Mississippi river town.

    Bloedow’s best seller is the maple frosted long johns followed very closely by my personal favorite – the raised glazed donut. It is a ‘must’ place for me to go whenever I’m back in my ‘hometown’! By the way,if you go ,be sure to get there in the morning as they usually sell out early in the day!!!

  3. says

    Erin, oh how I wish I had a recipe for those donuts. Then again, it’s probably best that I don’t as they would go straight to my behind!

    Bonnie, thanks for stopping by and sharing your favorite donut shop. If I’m ever in Winona I will make it a point to visit Bloedow Bakery! You sold me at the maple long john. :-)

  4. mark myers says

    I knew Jim and Marie for many years dating back to their food stand at The Clifton Park Bowl. I loved bringing my kids to the doughnut shop for Jim’s awesome breakfast sandwiches and Marie’s chit-chat. I’m saddened to hear of Marie’s passing but happy to see the tradition carry on. I hope Jim is well. Good luck to Gwen and Mark… Be as caring and passionate as your predecessors and you will do well!

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