Diamond Head and KCC Farmers’ Market

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Andrea at the top of Diamond Head, Hawaii

Saturday morning we woke up very early and hiked up Diamond Head. The park opens at 6 am, and I highly recommend going early to beat the heat and the crowds. The early part of the hike is on concrete walkway and very easy, but the last part is like doing a StairMaster workout (271 steps!) and everyone was panting as we hit the top. The only person who didn’t seem bothered by the workout was the female athlete who ran to the top! I felt inspired, but was still trying to catch my breath. I was sweating like a race horse and the breeze felt so good!

Kapiolani Community College is located right on the road to Diamond Head, and we noticed they had a farmers’ market going as we passed by, so after our hike we stopped by to check it out. There was lots of great local produce and food to sample as well as gorgeous flowers.

Flowers at the KCC Farmers' Market, Hawaii

Bird of Paradise (Yellow Parrot) flowers at the KCC Farmers' Market

Flowers at the KCC Farmers' Market, Hawaii

Purple anthuriums at the KCC Farmers' Market, Hawaii

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    Nice to see you! Thanks for all the great pics, it makes me wanna hop on a plane!
    The flowers are just beautiful! I really wish I could have a garden in a tropical climate. It would be so much fun to see what can flourish.

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