Daily Photo: Zucchini Squash Seedlings

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Andrea Meyers - Zucchini seedlings

This is it, the last year we’ll try growing zucchini squash. We’ve fought the squash vine borers and squash bugs for several years and just haven’t been able to defeat them with organic methods. They’ve already attacked the pumpkin vines and have made an attempt at the butternut squash, though butternut squash is resistant, thankfully. Our last option for growing zucchini is to try planting late after one cycle of vine borers has come and gone, so we put some seeds in the ground last week after we harvested the garlic and replenished the bed with a load of our compost. There are green, yellow, and gray zucchini plants in three separate mounds, and we’re crossing our fingers, hoping see some of them in a month or so.

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