Daily Photo: Pak Choi

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The pak choi we planted early this spring looked lovely in the lettuce bed and the young tender leaves were perfect in salads. In fact, you’ll probably find pak choi seeds mixed with others in packets of microgreen seeds because it’s very easy to grow in cool weather and is a perfect salad topper when the plants are tiny. It’s a non-heading variety, and the individual spoon-shaped leaves looked very delicate on the stems. As it grew taller and started to blossom, the stems began to topple over and trail along the ground. I gathered the last of it and stir-fried it with chicken, one of my favorite simple meals. Now we just have to wait until autumn to reseed.

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  1. Miguel says

    Andrea, thanks for the quick bit of information on Pak Choi. Sounds like something they should try over here in the gardens of Stuttgart, Germany where the weather is cooler.

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