Daily Photo: Concord Grapes on the Vine

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Andrea Meyers - Concord grapes on the vine

We planted muscadine grapes last fall after sampling some that we bought at the farmers market in Columbia, SC. That rich flavor sent me straight to the kitchen to make our first muscadine jam, and we were hooked. The vines have done very well so far and it got us thinking about other grapes, so this spring we planted Concord, Catawba, and Niagara vines and now have a nice little grape arbor going. The Concord grapes have many fruits hanging on them, which we will remove this year because we’ve read that young vines should not be allowed to bear fruit during the first two years in the ground so the vines can develop. So those grapes in the photo are going away, but that’s ok. Like many things we’ve planted—rhubarb, blueberries, raspberries, asparagus, apples, cherries, and pecans—these need a few years to mature, then we’ll get to really enjoy them.

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    We have an arbor of concord grapes (and 2 other mystery vines) growing too! Ours came with the house we are renting and we were told they are at least 15 years old. So much fruit, we had to give most of it away last year, but oh they were so sweet and delicious… good luck with yours!

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