The Rainbow Drive-In

This is a guest post from my husband, Michael, who travels the world and brings home stories of his many culinary adventures. When traveling to even familiar places it’s nice to know a local. My friend Donn has lived in Hawaii all his life and when I asked him about the Rainbow Drive-In his face… 

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Stuttgart Markthalle

Andrea Meyers - Stuttgart Markthalle

This short jaunt to Germany has been so much fun, and I have to say one of the highlights was visiting the Stuttgart Markthalle, an historic market in the old part of Stuttgart. A vegetable market has been in this location since 1864, and the building was constructed between 1911 and 1914. The building was… 

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Restaurant: Calwer Eck, Stuttgart, Germany

Andrea Meyers - Meal at Calwer Eck in Stuttgart, Germany

Billed as the “kleinste bräuerei Stuttgarts” (the smallest brewery in Stuttgart), Calwer Eck is a brewery restaurant worth a look. In a central downtime location on the Calwer Strasse, a pedestrian street near the Stadtmitte S-Bahn stop, it’s easily accessible and close to a number of tourist attractions in the Altstadt (old part of town)…. 

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Tokyo Eating by the Clock


This is a guest post from my husband, Michael, who travels the world and promised me a story about one of his many culinary experiences. Future posts will have photos from his trips. We ventured across the world’s busiest intersection, the rush hour crowd absorbing us as if we weren’t there. “Where are we going?”… 

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Donuts & More, Our Favorite Donut Shop

Part of our annual trek to the Adirondacks includes a pilgrimage to Donuts & More in Speculator, New York. It’s a tradition for us to have these delicious donuts at least once during the trip, but some years we indulge a few times. The shop has been there for many years and is now owned… 

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Hawaiian Shave Ice: Which One Is Our Favorite?

For some, sand and surf are the first things that come to mind when thinking about Hawaii, for us it is shave ice.  We’re not talking about snow cones, that’s totally different. With shave ice (not “shaved ice”), the ice comes out in fine flakes which absorbs the syrup flavors better and melts like snow… 

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Diamond Head and KCC Farmers’ Market

Saturday morning we woke up very early and hiked up Diamond Head. The park opens at 6 am, and I highly recommend going early to beat the heat and the crowds. The early part of the hike is on concrete walkway and very easy, but the last part is like doing a StairMaster workout (271… 

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Our First Day in Hawaii

I’m trying to stay on East Coast time, so we’ve been going to bed early and waking up really early. At 4 am it’s still dark outside and we can’t see the ocean even though we are almost right on the beach, but I can hear it as I’m writing this near the hotel balcony…. 

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