The Loudoun Grown Expo 2012

Andrea Meyers - Vegetables from Potomac Vegetable Farm

Last Saturday I joined about 2000 other people at the Loudoun Grown Expo, a celebration of food and wine from Loudoun County, and what an afternoon it was. There was food, wine, spirits, and music, definitely a lot of fun for everyone. There were 30 participating farms, vineyards, and other producers, so it was an…

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Girls’ Wine and Food Tasting Night

Andrea Meyers - Girls' Wine and Food Tasting Night

A couple weeks ago my friend Kristy Bernardo of the delicious blog The Wicked Noodle hosted a wine and food evening sponsored by Don Sebastiani & Sons. It was a girls-only night, which is always fun, but this was especially great because I got to meet some truly funny and friendly gals, plus we all…

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Ticonderoga Farms: Christmas on the Farm

Andrea Meyers - Ticonderoga Farms Christmas Trees thumbnail

Ticonderoga Farms began their Christmas tree destination 50 years ago, so this is a very special time of year for the farm. They start their celebration the weekend after Thanksgiving with breakfast with Santa and of course cut your own Christmas tree. They grow White Pines, Weymouth Pines (aka Virginia Pine), Scotch Pine, Red Cedar,…

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Chrysalis Vineyards: After Harvest (Sarah’s Patio Mulled Wine)

Andrea Meyers - Chrysalis Vineyards Sarah's Patio Mulled Wine

Chrysalis Vineyards is one of the easier vineyards to get to in Northern Virginia, just off Route 50 in Loudoun County. Set on 412 acres in the rolling hills of the Piedmont region, the vineyard specializes in unusual Spanish and French varietals and Norton, a native Virginia grape, as well as traditional grapes, a total…

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Daily Photo: Okra Blossom

Andrea Meyers - Okra blossom

The elusive okra blossom that I’ve been seeking since the okra plants started producing. Somehow I always missed the blossoms, which only last a day, not even a day, just the morning.

Daily Photo: Tomatoes

Andrea Meyers - Tomato harvest

The tomato harvest has begun. In the last week we’ve harvested about 30 pounds of tomatoes, and there’s more every day. We have 18 tomato plants and 16 varieties, including beefsteak, plum, cherry, zebras, yellow, and an evergreen. For the first few weeks of tomato harvest we just enjoy them fresh, so for dinner today…

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Daily Photo: Zucchini Squash Seedlings


This is it, the last year we’ll try growing zucchini squash. We’ve fought the squash vine borers and squash bugs for several years and just haven’t been able to defeat them with organic methods. They’ve already attacked the pumpkin vines and have made an attempt at the butternut squash, though butternut squash is resistant, thankfully….

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Daily Photo: Artichoke

We added two artichoke plants to the garden this year, a first for us, so we had no idea if they would take to the garden or not. One of the plants has four chokes on it now, and this one is about ready to pick.

Daily Photo: Pumpkin Blossom

We planted three kinds of pumpkins (sugar, Cinderella, and jack-o-lantern) and the plants took off like crazy. The vines are running all over the bed where we planted them and spilling out onto the grass, which we really don’t mind. In the last few days, the vines started showing a blossom or two, and this…

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