The Daring Cooks Make the Zuni Cafe Ricotta Gnocchi

The Daring Cooks have begun! An offshoot of The Daring Bakers, group members strive to hone our skills by tackling one cooking challenge each month. For this inaugural challenge, our founders Lis and Ivonne chose the Zuni Cafe ricotta gnocchi from The Zuni Cafe Cookbook, by Judy Rodgers. I was thrilled to try the challenge… 

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San Marzano Sauce with Peppers

San Marzano Sauce with Peppers - Andrea Meyers

A few days before we left for vacation, I picked five pounds of San Marzano tomatoes and a dozen bell peppers from our garden and had to do something with them fast. I had planned all along to turn those beautiful tomatoes into sauce, but now that the task was at hand and I only… 

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Mediterranean Orzo Salad

Mediterranean Orzo Salad - Andrea Meyers

Simplicity has been our theme this summer. I went back to work in June and realized that I wasn’t superwoman. Oh, I knew it way before then, but adding big deadlines to my juggling pile made me think less about what I wanted to do and more about what I could realistically do, and the… 

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Zucchini and Mushroom Pasta with Lemon Basil

Zucchini and Mushroom Pasta with Lemon Basil - Andrea Meyers

With zucchini in season and a garden full of herbs, I had plenty to work with for creating a quick and easy meal. For this dish, I sauteed shallots and garlic, tossed in some baby portabella mushrooms and julienne zucchini, added some lemon basil chiffonade, then finished it off with a dry white wine and… 

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Orzo with Parmesan and Basil

Orzo is a rice-shaped pasta traditionally used in Italian soups, but it’s very versatile and can be used as a main ingredient for side dishes or in cold salads. We love it because it’s easy to fix for a fast weeknight meal and it dresses up nicely with simple ingredients. This time we had it… 

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Spinach and Basil Lasagna

Spinach and Basil Lasagna - Andrea Meyers

I can’t help but love lasagna with all its gooey richness. The flavor of the sauce melds with the pasta and mingles with the cheeses and fillings, the cheese stretches from the pan to the plate as you serve it, and the sides start to collapse slightly from the weight of the hot fillings. It’s… 

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No-Cook Tomato Sauce (Grow Your Own)

No-Cook Tomato Sauce Recipe (Grow Your Own) - Andrea Meyers

In my view, fresh, ripe tomatoes are meant to be enjoyed in their natural state, and nothing beats the taste of a tomato straight off the vine. When I start gathering the tomatoes from my garden, I’ll often stand near the plants and just enjoy inhaling the wonderful smell. I follow my family’s tradition and… 

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