Browned Butter Gnocchi with Broccoli and Almonds

Browned Butter Gnocchi Recipe with Broccoli and Almonds - Andrea Meyers

Michael and I have long had a fondness for gnocchi. I love the little dumplings and how good they taste with our homemade pesto and other Italian sauces. This recipe that I adapted from Cooking Light adds some broccoli and warm nutty flavor with browned butter. My boys are all broccoli addicts—not a bad thing—so… 

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Skillet Chicken with Orzo and Tomatoes

Andrea Meyers - Skillet Chicken with Orzo and Tomatoes

Last week we quickly harvested the last of our summer garden just before the night temperatures plunged into the 30s. We had baskets full of fresh basil to process and share with friends. I chopped and froze a bunch of tomatoes, threw several in this dish, and our kitchen counters are still completely covered with… 

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Pasta Pie (The Kids Cook Monday)

Andrea Meyers - Pasta Pie

Pasta pie is an occasional treat that our boys always have fun making. I’d never heard of pasta pie until Michael and I started dating and he took me to the original Generous George’s in Alexandria, an institution known for its eye-popping colorful décor and filling pasta pies, which is simply a pizza pie topped… 

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Good Bite Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy Giveaway

Good Bite Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy

I’m very excited to be part of the new cookbook Good Bite Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy, created by the contributors to and photographed by the super talented Matt Armendariz. The recipes are all about helping you get delicious healthy food on the table with less fuss on busy weeknights. Most of the recipes… 

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Chicken Chow Fun (The Kids Cook Monday)

Chicken Chow Fun (The Kids Cook Monday) - Andrea Meyers

Chow fun is a classic Chinese noodle dish often served with beef. The fresh rice noodles (ho fun) typically used are very wide and sliced into strips before cooking, but I’ve never seen them in our local international groceries, so I substitute L or XL bahn pho (dry Vietnamese rice noodles). Though not authentic, it’s… 

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Orzo Salad with Pesto

Orzo Salad with Pesto (Good Bite: Everyday Meals with a Twist) - Andrea Meyers

[This recipe was originally published as part of a video series with That site is no longer active, so I am offering the recipe here.] has a new video series called Everyday Meals with a Twist sponsored by Heinz 57 sauce, and I shared one of our favorite easy recipes for the series…. 

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Pasta with Chicken, Garlic Scapes, Tomatoes, and Basil

Pasta with Chicken, Garlic Scapes, Tomatoes, and Basil - Andrea Meyers

The garlic only has a few more weeks in the ground, then it will be time to dig it up, and if the flavor of the scapes is any indication, we are in for some spicy garlic this year. We harvested the scapes over the weekend and made three different things with them: pesto, cannellini… 

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Zucchini Soba Salad

Zucchini Soba Salad - Andrea Meyers

My introduction to soba noodles was actually on a plane flying from Tokyo to Honolulu, admittedly not the best place to get good food. The flight attendants came around with breakfast and asked if I wanted the Japanese or the American breakfast, and I chose the Japanese because I could see the noodles that someone… 

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