Life Well Laughed

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Life is many things—crazy, hectic, beautiful, enlightening, and sometimes hard—but never ever boring. I have too many interests and things to do on my bucket list to slow down. Having a family was always at the top, becoming a teacher was high on the list, and having a big garden was added fourteen years ago…. 

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Panera Takeout to the Rescue

Sometimes takeout saves the day. It might be the day when you had to work late, or the kids are home sick, or a major appliance breaks, or the HVAC system dies, or the power goes out; the day when everyone is hungry and cooking at home may not even be an option. Sometimes takeout… 

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Making Menus with Foodily

This week I’m over at the Foodily blog talking about making a menu. This particular menu is a bit of fun: all the dishes start with the letter for the day of the week. There are some great dishes on the menu, like the Wednesday Wasabi Shrimp Roll and and the Sunday Slow Roasted Lamb… 

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