A Year of Thanksgiving

Andrea Meyers - Fuschia in our garden, 2012

One year ago this week, I did my first photo shoot at a Farm Project vineyard. It was the Friday before Thanksgiving–a gorgeous crisp autumn day–and I had a wonderful time capturing many photos of the vineyard after harvest. Later that same day, Michael and I headed out for a weekend to spend time on a… 

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Our Favorite Recipes of 2011

Andrea Meyers - Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake

As we look back on all the recipes of 2011, we have favorites from some new adventures that we started this year. In January we began working with The Kids Cook Monday, sharing recipes that the whole family can help make together. And in August I began a new creative endeavor near and dear to… 

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Where Did the Last Five Years Go?

The holidays were a lot of fun and we had a wonderful time with family visiting. Those last two weeks of the year weren’t entirely relaxing as I still had some work leftover and then more came up late last week, and I’ve been going around the clock to meet those deadlines. But that work… 

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At The Martha Stewart Show

The alarm went off at 6 am, but I really didn’t need it as I’d hardly slept a wink. I was too excited and my body clock went off at 5 am, though I managed to coax myself into a few more minutes of sleep. Breakfast was just a glass of milk, not enough to… 

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Four Years and Counting

Four years ago today… We were living somewhere else with our two sons. We found out we were going to have another child. I was playing around with recipes and porting them to WordPress, my chosen organizational tool, when I found a comment from a complete stranger. Then it hit me: people were visiting my… 

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Ringing Out 2009 & Our Best Of

Best of 2009 - Andrea Meyers

2009 was a learning year. I started off the year learning how to use my new camera and am so glad we made that investment. The learning curve was steep even though I had been using manual mode in my little point & shoot camera for two years, but I’m finally seeing results and improving… 

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My Cooking Lesson with Chef Todd Gray

This is a story of chance meets opportunity, of how I went to a cooking demonstration thinking that I would just be a number in the crowd but in an amazing bit of luck got a three hour private cooking lesson with a famous DC chef! And it all happened this past Saturday in my… 

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Cooking Alone (and Sick)

Michael goes through phases in traveling with his job. Some months he’s only gone a day or two here and there, and others he’s gone for a week or more. Those weeks when he’s gone, like this one, I find myself dropping everything, including cooking, just to keep up with the kids. And this week… 

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