Polish Krupnik (Honey Spiced Vodka) for Christmas Eve

Andrea Meyers - Polish Krupnik (Honey Spiced Vodka)

Polish krupnik staropolski is a traditional honey-spiced liqueur typically served during Wigilia, the Christmas Eve meal. Small glasses are passed around with hot, peppery krupnik, which will warm you up quickly. Family recipes may be passed down through the generations and vary widely, with up to 50 different spices.

Eggnog Waffles

Andrea Meyers - Eggnog Waffles

Breakfast is one of our favorite things about Christmas day. We sit down together later in the morning after all the presents have been unwrapped but before Michael and the boys begin work on assembling toys, and enjoy a hot breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, scones, pancakes, cranberry apple French toast, panettone, or waffles. These… 

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Christmas Cakes

Andrea Meyers - Buche de Noel (Yule Log Cake)

Making cakes for Christmas is a tradition that goes almost as far back as the holiday itself, and every family has their own favorite for celebrating. Here are some of our favorite types of Christmas cakes, and we hope you’ll share your favorites in the comments, too. Michael’s family makes prune cake, a moist, dense… 

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Homemade Christmas Gifts

Andrea Meyers - Bourbon Praline Pecans

With so many parties and gatherings during the holidays, it’s nice to bring a homemade hostess gift or a little something to share with everyone or something unique to take to the neighborhood cookie swap. These are some of my favorite homemade gifts for the holidays, and I hope you’ll share your favorite homemade Christmas… 

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Our Top Five Favorite Christmas Cookies

Andrea Meyers - Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies

The week after Thanksgiving, Monkey Boy asked me, “Mommy, is Thanksgiving over?” “Yes,” I answered. He jumped up and down and shouted, “That means it’s Cookie Season!” A boy after my own heart. In the spirit of Cookie–ahem–Christmas Season, we’re sharing our top five favorite Christmas cookies (with input from the whole family), and we… 

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Roast Turkey in a Roaster Oven

Four-Day Plan for Thanksgiving Dinner, aka How to Keep the Crazy to a Minimum - Andrea Meyers

When it comes to big holiday feasts, one oven just isn’t enough, and I always find myself trying to sort out the intricate timing of turkey, stuffing, rolls, and any roasted or baked vegetables. I sit down with recipes and a schedule and plan it all out. If the turkey is done too early, it… 

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Maple Orange Cranberry Sauce (The Kids Cook Monday)

Andrea Meyers - Maple Orange Cranberry Sauce

We’re doing a special Thanksgiving edition of The Kids Cook Monday, because what better time to get the whole family in the kitchen than for one of the most festive meals of the year? There are several parts of the traditional Thanksgiving meal that the kids can help with, and one of our boys’ favorites… 

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Butternut Squash Pie

Butternut Squash Pie - Andrea Meyers

Turkey may be the main course for Thanksgiving dinner, but in our house the pies play the starring role. I have as much fun planning the pies as the rest of the meal and always have trouble narrowing down the list if we’re having a small gathering. More Thanksgiving Day visitors equals more pies! One… 

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