Weekend Gardening: Peppers

Royal Black Pepper - Andrea Meyers

Peppers, both hot and sweet, are a favorite for our summer garden and indoors in the winter, and this year we are growing more types than we ever have before, though we’ve had trouble with production. The cold wet spring that carried through into early June affected some of our plants, and some of the… 

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Weekend Gardening: An Unexpected Visitor

Garden Snake Tangled in Net - Andrea Meyers

This weekend our gardening chores included some weeding, routing the beans and peas so they would climb properly, adding more tomato cages, and transplanting the volunteer tomatoes and tomatillos to a spot where they would have more room. Some of our tomato plants are now two meters tall and it’s not even July yet, and… 

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Weekend Gardening: Fruits of our Labors

Apple Blossoms - Andrea Meyers

We’ve had a very busy spring full of building raised beds, transplanting herbs to their new home, planting seeds, planting trees, planting new edibles, ripping out inedible ornamental bushes and replacing with edibles. It seems like we’ve hardly had time for a break on the weekends, and we still have more to do. It’s a… 

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Weekend Gardening: Vegetable Gardening Tips from Southern Living

Southern Living logo

While visiting my parents in South Carolina for spring break, my mother gave me a wonderful present: a ticket to a presentation on kitchen gardens at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden given by Rebecca Bull Reed, Associate Gardening Editor for Southern Living magazine (thanks Mom!). Reed, a South Carolina native, has been traveling around the… 

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Weekend Gardening Photos and 7 Random Things

Potted Bay Laurel Tree - Andrea Meyers

We keep an indoor garden year round, growing mostly herbs but also some greens. We don’t have an elaborate setup, just a couple shelves positioned at western and southern-facing windows with inexpensive grow lights attached. We run the lights from sunset to sunrise to help give the plants plenty of growing time and warmth.