Weekend Gardening: Tomato Updates

Husky Cherry Tomatoes - Andrea Meyers

We planted our tomatoes three weeks ago and so far they are doing very well. The plants all took readily after transplanting and they’ve grown like crazy; in fact half of them are already at the top of their cages. We set 19 tomato plants and 4 tomatillo plants, then had to add more tomatillos… 

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Weekend Gardening: Early Summer

Harvesting Radishes - Andrea Meyers

Over the month of May we gradually planted all the edibles around the garden. The blueberries moved to their new location in a high spot in the yard that will allow for better drainage so the bushes don’t succumb to the spring floods, and they’ve taken well to their new home. We have early, mid,… 

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Weekend Gardening: Squash, Cucumber, and Pumpkin Pests

Squash Vine Borer, Hawk Moth

Though the thought of growing your own fruits and vegetables seems idyllic, it is rarely a trouble-free endeavor. Weather, insects, animals, bacteria, viruses, and funguses can all wreak havoc with a garden, sometimes causing small amounts of damage and other times causing a total crop loss. This year the cold wet spring weather slowed our… 

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