Weekend Gardening: Growing Potatoes in the Winter, Part 1

Potato Sprouts in a Pot - Andrea Meyers

Ever since I found tiny yellow potatoes at Trader Joe’s last year, I’ve been planning how to grow some for ourselves. The flavor of those little potatoes is incredibly close to my favorite papas criollas from Colombia and after tasting them in ajiaco and clam chowder we knew we had to try them in the… 

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Weekend Gardening: New Trees and Bushes

Fig Tree - Andrea Meyers

In the early days of Spring and Autumn, we have fun visiting nurseries and garden centers, admiring all the newly arrived plants and pondering what should go next in our edible back yard. Yesterday we selected a few new fruit trees and bushes to plant, though we had a hard time narrowing down the choices…. 

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Weekend Gardening: Weed Wars

Weed Wars - Andrea Meyers

What you are about to see is not pretty. It’s true, sometimes gardening is neither beautiful nor relaxing, particularly when dealing with garden pests and ultra resilient weeds. Take, for instance, the grass and weeds growing in our garden and behind the fence.