Speculaas (Molded Ginger Cookies)

Speculaas (Molded Ginger Cookies) Recipe - Andrea Meyers

This is my final cookie in the Saveur Cookies We Love event, a spiced molded cookie from the Netherlands. Molded cookies are common in Europe and the tradition is often passed down through families along with the old wooden cookie molds. If you are fortunate you may even have an heirloom mold that’s been in… 

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Mexican Butter Cookies with Sprinkles (Galletas con Chochitos)

Mexican Butter Cookies Recipe with Sprinkles (Galletas con Chochitos) - Andrea Meyers

My two younger boys will eat anything with sprinkles on it, whether it’s cookies, donuts, or ice cream, and they would probably even eat their spinach if I sprinkled some colorful jimmies on top. When they saw the photo of these colorful galletas con chochitos on the Saveur website, they immediately asked to make them…. 

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Basler Brunsli Cookies

Basler Brunsli Cookies Recipe - Andrea Meyers

As soon as Thanksgiving is over we start decorating for Christmas and baking cookies. For us Black Friday is more about decorating and baking than shopping as we’ve often finished our Christmas shopping by then. This year we had family visiting so the decorating and baking was put off, but we are catching up. Two… 

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Mocha Toffee Bars – 12 Days of Cookies

Mocha Toffee Bars Recipe - Andrea Meyers

Day 11 of our 12 Days of Cookies extravaganza thing, and I can’t believe it’s almost over. I had my eye on these mocha toffee bars because I adore chocolate and coffee together, and after making and enjoying them I’ve converted Michael as well. He even asked if we could add these to our annual… 

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Bourbon Balls – 12 Days of Cookies

Bourbon Balls Recipe - Andrea Meyers

Day 10 of our 12 Days of Cookies extravaganza thing, and I have to say that I almost didn’t make these bourbon balls because they seemed more like a confection than a cookie to me, except for the fact that they start with a whole bag of Oreos. Yes, crushed chocolate Oreos make the base… 

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