BlogHer DC ’08 Follow Up

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Came home Monday night and after giving Michael the recap I fell asleep on the sofa, utterly spent. I had talked until I couldn’t talk any more because there were so many great bloggers to meet and many friends to catch up with. I had a great time working with Liz Henry, Veronica Noone, and Kristen King on the Blogging Basics panel and hope that the information discussed was useful for everyone who attended. You can find live notes from the panel and Liz’s presentation in the BlogHer DC Liveblogs post and you can also download a copy of my presentation. [Update: Kristen posted notes about promoting a blog, and Veronica posted a fun video follow up.]

The closing keynote was a panel with Carol Jenkins, Lesley Stahl, Liz Mair, and Mary Ann Akers discussing social media and the political process. Make sure you check out the liveblog notes for this keynote, as the discussion was fascinating.

The sessions are always good, but for me the highlight is meeting and talking with other bloggers. This time I had a chance to meet Fabulous Miss S, Beth Bilus, Lindsay Maines, Judy, De, Julia, Sarah Dopp in the Geek Lab, Rachel and her nice husband (yes, a few men attended), Fishy Girl, Foodie Tots, Sue, Gloria, Dr. Val, and Matt and Katin. (Aside: I didn’t get cards from all the women in my small group at the Blogging Basics panel, so please drop me a line so I can find you.) And of course it was great to catch up with friends from DC Metro Moms Blog: Linda, Jodifur, Nicole, Jessica, Mama Bird, Devra, Joanne.

I found the small conference to be very worthwhile. While I enjoyed the big conference in San Francisco in July, the DC conference had a less-is-more aura. The themes of blogging basics and community-building seemed to work well, particularly in the national capitol region where advocacy is a part of life. I have hope that BlogHer can continue to offer these smaller conferences in various parts of the country, giving local and traveling bloggers a chance to connect and discuss the topics that are important to us. Thanks to the BlogHer team for coming to DC!

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  1. says

    Hi Andrea! Great to meet you as well. I look forward to chatting on Twitter and gaining weight by trying out all your amazing recipes. (Why God, why did you introduce to this woman the week after I started Weight Watchers??) Take care!

  2. Gloria says

    Hi Andrea! I’m glad we met at Blogher, I’m browsing through all your old posts to find tasty-looking recipes to try out! Yum. Look forward to talking more. 😀

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