BBA Challenge: Whole Wheat and Rye Bagels

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My first attempt at Reinhart’s bagels ended with flat wrinkled hockey pucks, so this weeks BBA Challenge was a welcomed opportunity to improve on my previous attempt. I made a whole wheat starter with one cup of rye flour in the final dough, and shaped my bagels in a small two-ounce size, perfect for little appetites. For the toppings, I used Alaea sea salt from Hawaii, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds, and then we left some plain for the boys.

For more bagel inspiration, check out the BBA Challenge photos in the BBA Challenge Flickr photo group.

Andrea's Recipes - Whole wheat bagel starter

Andrea's Recipes - Whole wheat and rye bagels after a retarding in refrigerator

Andrea's Recipes - Whole wheat and rye bagels with Alaea sea salt and sesame seeds

Andrea's Recipes - Whole wheat and rye bagels with poppy and sesame seeds

Andrea's Recipes - Whole Wheat and Rye Bagels

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  1. says

    Awesome! I really wanted to make pumpernickel bagels, but I compromised and just used some of my whole wheat starter and made half whole wheat bagels. Guess I’ll have to make more. Love all the little ones. :)

    Saaras last blog post..BBA #3

  2. says

    They look so great! I just want to reach right through the screen to grab one (or two).

    I’m still new to using starter for breads, but wow do I love the results!

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