BBA Challenge: English Muffins

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The Bread Baker's Apprentice, by Peter ReinhartThe English muffins nearly defeated me. My excitement turned to dismay when I split open the first batch and found doughy centers, and I resigned myself to trying again. For the purposes of the challenge I try to make each bread one time and move on to the next, just to keep things going, but I couldn’t let this go.

So finally, weeks and weeks later, I got around to making these again during the brief period between the now infamous DC Snowmaggedon of 2010 and the current blizzard. As I write this morning I peek out our windows and see heavy snowfall mixed with gusty winds that whip up the snow to occasional whiteout. Fortunately the power is still on and the English muffins, though still not perfect, at least this time were edible and a hit with the family. We warmed them up and slathered on salted butter and a delicious tart cherry jelly that my sister sent for Christmas, and we were thankful for being together safe and warm.

Andrea Meyers - BBA Challenge: English Muffins, dough

Andrea Meyers - BBA Challenge: English Muffins, cooking

Andrea Meyers - BBA Challenge: English Muffins

Andrea Meyers - BBA Challenge: English Muffins, with butter and Michigan cherry jelly

Thanks as always to Nicole of Pinch My Salt for organizing the BBA Challenge. For more bread inspiration, check out the BBA Challenge photos in the BBA Challenge Flickr photo group.

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    I haven’t tried the individual English muffins, but I have a great English Muffin Bread recipe from the 1970s that tastes just like them, with all the nooks and crannies ready for butter and jams. Now, I suppose, I’m going to have to try my hand at these. There’s no end…

      • says

        Hi Cheryl. Because the BBA Challenge involves cooking every single recipe from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Rinehart, we are not publishing or distributing the recipes out of respect for Mr. Rinehart’s work.

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