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Photo of Andrea Meyers as displayed on loudounextra.washingtonpost.comThe Washington Post operates several county newspapers in the DC Metro area, and a reporter from the Washington Post Loudoun Extra [I stand corrected. The Extras are considered sections since they come with the Sunday paper. Obviously I’m not in the newspaper business.] contacted me a couple weeks ago about doing a feature on me and my cooking blog. I was thrilled and a little nervous! The article posted today and I want to share it with my readers. They missed on the Southern connection by leaving out my birthplace and the fact that I spent a few years in Southwestern Virginia before moving to the Midwest, but oh well! [Update: The Post has corrected this error.] And yes, I was shaping dough and babbling away about my favorite Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day while the reporter shot the top photo, which is why I have that dorky look on my face.

Washington Post Loudoun Extra – Up Close: Andrea Meyers (PDF) – ‘Online Cookbook’ a Must-Read the World Over (PDF)

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    Andrea- great interview. So exciting to see a local blogger sharing her success! I can’t believe you dropped a whole cake, yeah I’m not alone- I dropped a whole platter of Shrimp Louis in martini glasses.

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    I just finished reading it, Andrea. It was wonderful! And you don’t look like a dork at all. In fact, you look so pretty in that red sweater. Congratulations! It’s nice when good things happen to good people.

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    Way to go, Andrea! Very nice Q&A. I take great comfort in the fact that your green thumb grew (pardon the pun) over time — it gives me hope that one day I too will stop annihilating our plants.

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    Wow, congratulations!
    Andrea, you have a friendly smile and looked very calm in the picture above. And I’m surprised (and tickled) to know you’ve killed hundreds of plants in the past; it means, there’s hope for me yet.

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    Congratulations on getting noticed in print! That is a great interview. Did the writer visit you with the photographer, or did they do the interview beforehand and then send the photog after?

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    Just ran into your blog via someone clicking the blogher ad to my recipe. Laughed when I read this post and simply had to leave you a message. I so understand how you feel, because my foodblog was featured in one of Holland’s magazines earlier this week as well.

    Scary idea that so many people will read about it and see your photos, isn’t it?

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