An Afternoon in Seattle: Pike Place Market

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I sat for several hours at the Seattle airport last night, desperately wishing for a cup of hot chicken soup and a warm bed, but didn’t get home until this morning. I left Seattle with a cold but also brought home some wonderful memories. As I scan through my photos from a weekend in Seattle and the International Food Bloggers Conference, I find myself smiling and laughing as I see the faces of old friends and new and remember the fun we had this weekend.

I arrived in Seattle late Friday morning and spent the afternoon at Pike Place Market. This would be my only day to see some sights, and of course Pike Place was a no brainer. First stop, the famous fish market at the main entrance. Crabs anyone?

Andrea Meyers - crabs at Pike Place Fish, Seattle

Of course I had to see some fish being tossed about.

Pike Place Market has a small Chinese restaurant that’s Zagat rated, Pike Place Chinese Cuisine, and I enjoyed a quiet lunch there while looking out at the Bay. The meal was hot and sour soup and barbecued pork with vegetables, exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries after the long flight from Dulles.

Andrea Meyers - Barbecued Pork and Vegetables at Pike Place Chinese Cuisine, Seattle

Cherries for dessert. (As I took this shot, I deeply regretted my decision to leave the big camera and cool circular polarizer filter back home.)

Andrea Meyers - cherries at Pike Place Market, Seattle

Seeing all the colorful flowers reminded me of the Colombian flower markets that I frequented back in the day and left me wishing I had a way to carry them back home to Virginia.

Andrea Meyers - flowers at Pike Place Market, Seattle

The sounds of musical groups performing outside on the sidewalks filtered throughout the area. This group has a great sound and drew a crowd.

Andrea Meyers - musicians outside Pike Place Market, Seattle

I adored the colorful chili peppers strung together at a vegetable stand.

Andrea Meyers - chili peppers at vegetable stand across from Pike Place Market, Seattle

And the smells, oh the smells. The Russian bakery across the street called me like the Pied Piper and apparently called many others as the line of eager customers snaked out the door and down the block. And as I meandered through the stalls and the shops, all I could think was how much I wished we had a market as big and vibrant as this back home.

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  1. Miguel says

    You’re pictures of the market are great. I’ve been there several times and you’ve certainly captured the spirit of what goes on there. Although looking at San Diego from my balcony here on a typical blue sky SoCal day it seems a world away.

  2. says

    Loved the post. I enjoyed meeting you at the conference, it was my first one and so inspiring. I missed out on Pike Place Market because I got in late on Friday, so it’s great to read about it here.

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