AeroGarden, Part 2

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AeroGarden basil, 31 days after planting

The basil plants are going strong and currently stand 4 to 5 inches tall and are very fragrant, though the Globe Basil for whatever reason is still only about 2 inches tall. The roots extend well into the water and are as long as 10 inches.

AeroGarden roots, 31 days after planting

Over the weekend the unit reminded me to add water and nutrients, but this time was different from the first. At four weeks, the plants now need growing nutrients and the kit provides enough for six feedings. This and every other feeding hereafter require the unit to be emptied, rinsed, and refilled before adding nutrients. The water tank lifts easily off the base and the pump shuts off automatically. I carried the tank to the sink and easily lifted off the growing surface, the roots dangling like something seen in a sci-fi movie. Michael held the plants while I emptied and rinsed the container, then we put it back together just as easily as we took it apart. I put the water back in, added the nutrients, then put the tank back on the base and pushed the Reset button. Simple as that.

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  1. kathy says

    Hi Andrea, do you know if there is any way to combine seed kits — i.e., grow salad greens and cherry tomatoes together? The aerogrow website FAQ indicates that it is possible, with “gardening experience”, but it doesn’t go into any other detail.

    Thanks very much.


  2. Jeff says

    Andrea,where do you see that the water needs to be replaced when you add the nutrients? I’ve been through my manual a couple of times and it says to add additional water with the tablets, nothing about changing the water. My plants are about 3 weeks old and doing great. I already want to get a 2nd AeroGarden! Thanks for posting your review. It really helped my to make the decision to purchase my garden!

  3. says

    Hi Kathy! You can certainly combine kits, though I have not tried it. One thing to consider is the amount of growing space required by each plant. The cherry kits have fewer pods because the plants require more space. I’m not sure about the salad greens. Nutrients for each kit may be slightly different, and you would have to work in manual mode since each plant would have different requirements for water, light, and nutrients. But I think it is very doable.

    Hi Jeff! Page 9 of the book that comes with the International Basil kit has Quick Rinse & Refill Steps, which instruct the user to dump the water, rinse the bowl, and refill with room-temperature water on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th feedings with the Growing Nutrients.

  4. Red Icculus says

    Combining kits is not recommended. Different plants have different nutrient requirements and Aerogrow have thoroughly tested each kit out.

    You can, however, grow your own seeds using the “Master Gardener” kit. It is $40. It has an all-purpose nutrient and plugs to put your own seeds in.

  5. mac says

    My plants were getting a but moldy at the bases. I was keeping it in check with hydrogen peroxode, but when I looked underneath, they had a bit on the roots too. I read this, dismantled it and now it’s all clean. I rinsed the roots too. I knew that you had to clean it when you switched kits, but not that it had to be done during the cycle. I’ve gone 4 feedings without rinsing! Now I know.
    Thanks again!!

  6. David Wick says

    How often do you need to add water to the system? I’m leaving on vacation for 5 days and was wondering if I’ll need to have someone come over and check on the device?

  7. says

    Hi David. It depends on how big your plants are. Larger plants require water more often than smaller plants. If your plants are mature, it probably would be wise to have someone check once while you are gone.