A Weekend of Photography in DC

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This has been year of focus on photography, on figuring out why I do what I do and what I want to do better. The Food and Light Workshop in June was fantastic and so helpful, and it inspired me to work even harder on improving my photography. I get Me Ra Koh’s email newsletter, and when I saw she and Brian were coming to DC again this year for another workshop, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I sat on the floor in front during her presentation at BlogHer 08 and just fell in love with her images and the open way she shared, and I had a feeling it would be an amazing weekend.

The women who participated in the workshop came from a wide variety of backgrounds but we all share the same passion for capturing our world in images to share with others. Many had experience shooting portraits and have started their own portrait photography businesses, others like me were exploring the idea of adding this skill to our repertoire, whether for business or personal enjoyment. And it was a FUN group! Everyone was so personable and easy to talk with, and I’m so glad to have met them all and watched them work. A number of them already have photography websites, which are listed at the bottom of this post, and I think you’ll find some gorgeous images to enjoy.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoon we had a chance to put to work some of the skills we had practiced. Saturday was babies day, and several moms and dads modeled for us with their babies, even a set of twins. I managed to resist the tug of adding another child to our family, but JUST BARELY. There’s something about the little ones that just grabs my heart; their little faces, feet, fingers, their eyes. Immense wonder in a tiny little person.

On Sunday more families came to model for us as we did an outdoor shoot. This time we had plenty of opportunities for action shots and groups shots, and the children were so cute. This precious little girl was putting on a show twirling like a ballerina for her family.

These are some of my favorite shots from the weekend.

If you ever have a chance to participate in one of Me Ra and Brian’s workshops, I highly recommend it. Me Ra and Brian are knowledgeable and caring and genuinely want to help women succeed. And they are quite a pair, so much fun to be around!  Me Ra and Brian, thanks again for all your help!

This is the list of the workshop participant websites. If you are looking for portrait photographers, we hope you’ll check out the work of these excellent gals. (I tried to include everyone, but if I missed a site please let me know.)

Karyn Price Photography (Northern VA)

Amanda Bryce Photography (Northern VA)

Debbie Allen Photography (NY, NJ, CT)

Kirsten Maloney Photography (Northern VA)

Nancy Ho Foster Photography (Northern VA)

Ponteuf Photography (NJ)

Stephanie Doran Photography (MI)

C Barker Photography (MD, DC, VA, PA)

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    Wow that is so cool. I love the photographs. You are very talented. So will I run into you in SF at BlogHer? Diane, Todd, Helen and Jen will be there. I would have loved to gone to their camp. I really want to learn more about food photography but I think I’ll have to learn while I’m sleeping these days.

    Great work!

    • says

      Thanks Diane! Unfortunately I can’t go to SF this time. Wish I could because it sounds like the weekend is going to be a lot of fun. Enjoy some good food for me while you are there.

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    Thank you so much Andrea. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet you. The weekend went by way to quickly.

    I wish you the very best of luck in all that you do.

    PS I cannot wait to try out the curry sausage recipe. Sounds delicious.


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